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Welcome to Adventure Earth Science!  This page is page is dedicated to the study of Earth Science through Adventure.  My name is Tim Martin, and I was an Earth Science teacher for over 20 years. l and live Earth Science through rock climbing, backpacking, and traveling as well as observing the natural world!  If you are a Teacher, Student, Parent, or Curious Explorer, take some time to browse this site either through the links below or on the Adventure link above.  Virtual Field Trips will be found under the Adventure link, Course materials may be found under  MeteorologyAstronomy and Geology links.

Mapping Earth

As an introduction to Earth Science,  resources here will include basic Earth statistics and explore how we have measured and mapped the earth 


   Resources on this page are dedicated  to the study of meteorology and climate.  Understanding the composition and movements of the atmosphere,  are important for understanding weather and climate.



Rescources for Astronomy will  focus on two areas.   The first will examine on our local neighborhood, The Moon and planets.   The second  will turn to the Sun, Stars, Galaxies and other objects in deep space.  


Resources here will be useful for a study of plate tectonics, volcanoes and earthquakes.    Additional resources  focus on rocks and minerals and the processes that shape the crust of the Earth.




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