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Measuring and Mapping the Earth

   As an introduction to Earth Science, the class will start with a review of basic measurement.   Following an overview of basic statistics of the Earth, we examine the Earth's basic motions, then explore mapping the Earth.  The videos below are highlights from my Earth Science class. 

Measurement Resources

Measuring length

Measuring Mass

Measuring volume - displacement

Measuring Volume

Metric conversion

Intro to Earth Science

This video is an introduction to the Spheres of Earth Science

Statistics of Planet Earth

This video is an introduction to the basic statistics of Earth as a planet and basic motions of the Earth. 

Mapping the Earth Part 1

This video is an introduction to mapping the Earth with a focus on the coordinate system and basic geographic features of the planet. 

Mapping the Earth Part 2

This video continues the discussion of mapping the Earth with a focus on Map projections.  It includes a special focus on topographic maps. 

Contouring Topographic maps

This video shows how to take an array of numbers and contour the numbers to create a topographic map.

Eratosthenes Measuring the Earth

This video discusses how Eratosthenes measured the circumference of the Earth and how you can do the measurement today.

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