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   The largest portion of the course is dedicated to the study of Geology.  In class the study of Geology is split into two units.  The first will examine Plate Tectonics with special focus on Earthquakes and Volcanoes.  The second will examine rocks and minerals and the products, processes and  structures that make up the world on which we live.  Exploring the varied features of this dynamic planet is one of my deepest loves, whether hiking with my wife or rock climbing with my son and daughter, there is a world to explore!   Each unit page below  has links to class topics on YouTube.


This unit will explore plate tectonics of  planet Earth with a focus on Volcanoes and Earthquakes


This unit will focus on the materials and structures that make up the Earth's Surface. 

Humming Dunes of Death Valley

Geysers in Iceland and the lab.

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