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The Planets

This unit will focus on the Moon and Planets.  This is the second half of Astronomy I   Besides topics below, we will cover Kelpler's laws of planetary motion and discuss some of the many aspects of the robotic exploration of the Solar System. 

Intro to the Solar System

This video is a brief introduction to how we define planets and how many planets are in the Solar System.

History of Solar System Astronomy

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants... This video is a brief introduction to the history of understanding Solar System Astronomy from Ancient Greeks to Isaac Newton.

Terrestrial Planets

An introduction to the Terrestrial or Earth like planets.  Characteristics of the first four: Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars.

Jovian Planets

An introduction to the Jovian Planets.  Characteristics of the gas giants: Jupiter and Saturn, and the ice giants: Uranus and Neptune.

Moons of the Solar System

This video is and overview of many of the major moons of the Solar System.  

Solar System Debris

From Asteroids, to Kuiper Belt Objects to comets, this video covers some of the left-over debris from the formation of the Solar System.


This video is an introduction to Meteors and  meteorites.   It discusses different types of meteorites and how we identify meteorites and impact craters. 

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