Welcome to Adventure Earth Science!  This page is page is dedicated to the study of Earth Science through Adventure.  Since early childhood, I have loved exploring the natural world.  As an Earth Science Teacher, I have had the incredible opportunity to live and learn the subject in some of the best classrooms on our planet.   I have had extraordinary opportunities to participate in a Scientific research expedition to Northern Siberia,  Fly with NASA in Zero G, Travel with National Geographic to Iceland as well as travel extensively around the US. Click any of the pictures or links for activities or virtual fieldtrips to some of my favorite places.

Lake El'gygytgyn

In 2009 I was a Polar TREC teacher and part of the Lake El'gygytgyn Drilling Project, an international scientific research expedition.  We studied Geology, Climate, and Planetary science in the Siberian Arctic.

NASA - Zero G

In 2010 I was selected as part of a group of teachers from Greensboro Day to conduct scientific experiments in Zero G with NASA

Nat. Geo. Iceland

In 2016 I was selected as a National Geographic, Linblad Expeditions, Grosvenor Teacher fellow.   I circumnavigated Iceland aboard the National Geographic Explorer.


In 2006 my family and I embarked on a small 8 day expedition to the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador.   A must do for every nature lover!

Climbing Mt. Rainier WA







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