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Meteorology 1 

This unit will explore atmospheric composition, structure, energy transfer, wind, water, and precipitation.  Understanding the mechanics of the atmosphere and long term observation of the weather are both important for the basic weather prediction that we will do in class.  The videos below are highlights from in class work.

Meteorology 1

Meteorology 1 - Discusses the chemical composition of the Earth's Atmosphere and atmospheric cycles. 

Meteorology 2

Meteorology 2 - Measuring the temperature or energy of the Earth's Atmosphere.

Meteorology 3

Meteorology 3 - Measuring the weight of the air and atmospheric pressure

Meteorology 4

Meteorology 4 - The structure and layers of the Earth's atmosphere. 

Meteorology 5

Meteorology 5 - Sunlight and energy in the Earth's Atmosphere

Meteorology 6

Meteorology 6 - Circulation in the Earth's atmosphere and global winds. 

Meteorology 7

Meteorology 7 - Local Breezes, the process for the formation of small scale wind and breeze.

Meteorology 8

Meteorology 8 - This video discusses the three common states of matter as they relate to water in the Earth's atmosphere

Meteorology 9

Meteorology 9 - Water in the Atmosphere.  This video discusses important terms related to water vapor in the Earth's atmosphere and how it can be measured. 

Meteorology 10

Meteorology 10 - Cloud Formation .This video discusses the ingredients, conditions, locations and processes necessary for cloud formation in the atmosphere

Meteorology 11

Meteorology 11 Cloud ID- This video discusses identification and classification of major types of clouds in the atmosphere. 

Cloud ID Chart

Meteorology 12

Meteorology 12 - Precipitation This video discusses various types and the formation process of precipitation. 

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